Capstone Brainstorming

I am passionate about equal rights for minorities around the world. One way I would try to accomplish this is by informing and educating the public on different cultures. I’m a Muslim girl living in America so I have had my fair share of struggles, even though it may not be remotely close to what other Muslims are going through. Another thing that I am passionate about is better education for girls in many countries who aren’t capable of providing for them. One way I could change this problem would be to build an all girls school in Somalia.

One need for our community is better health care options for people not able to afford it. Free health insurance would benefit people who are in debt because of hospital bills.There are approximately 40 million US citizens who don’t have healthcare. Another need would be a need for more diversity in the health field. There needs to be more job opportunities for people of color. The benefits of having diversity in the work field would be more creativity.

My passions and needs for the community are connected because giving more educational opportunities to minorities will enable them to follow their passions, especially those who want to have a career in the health field. This would increase the diversity in healthcare. Being more educated will also give people a better chance of choosing the right path when it comes to healthcare. This would lead for uneducated people to care for themselves financially and supporting themselves if they or their loved ones have health issues.

English Capstone Brainstorming (Connections)

The connections I can make between my passions and needs for the community are having better gun control for minorities safety.  Minority groups are treated as though they are not on the same level as others, but if there were better gun laws this wouldn’t be the case. Better gun control would reduce the death of many minorities as they are the most targeted group. Minority groups such as the black community are treated as aggressive and angry people because of the stereotypes they’re given. This can be changed by everyone being accepted in things such as cheerleading or the football team. If there were boys on a cheer team and girls on the football team then maybe that could be a start for us millennials to change things.

English Capstone Brainstorming (Needs)

One need for our community is better gun control. We can achieve this by making a law that everyone who wants to purchase a gun would have to take a couple of classes. They would then need to carry verification of completing those classes. Failure to do so would end up with them getting a ticket. Even though this might not be the best solution there would be less robberies if this were the case. Our community should try to make this more of a possibility. We should also think about the children and how we should stop school shooting. There were 65 mass shooting in 2018 alone in the US. Way more than other neighboring countries including Canada. If there was better gun control there would be less movies, concerts, schools and mall shootings.

English Capstone Brainstorming (Passion)

I am passionate about equal rights for minorities around the world. I myself am a minority so I understand what it feels like to live in a world where you don’t feel accepted. I am a Somali, Muslim girl living in America so I have had my fair share of struggles. Even though it may have not been remotely close to what other Muslims are going through. Their are many Muslims around the world who are unfortunately not as fortunate as myself for being able to express my true beliefs freely. One thing I would do to change this aspect would be to start organizations for children who aren’t able to pay for education.

Science Post!!!

This article is about why scientists use rodents including rats to test treatments including chemotherapy. This interested me because I have always wondered why rodents were tested on in labs. A neuroscientist named Linda Parker tries to get to the bottom of vomiting and nausea in human beings, and believes that rats are the solution since they aren’t capable with vomiting. With the help of rodents who aren’t capable of vomiting Linda and her team found out many things that can improve the lives of chemotherapy patients alongside other patients.  “Rats are a really good model for nausea,” says Parker. Linda Parker is trying to understand if drugs that get the body’s endocannabinoid system going can stop the serotonin elevation that causes nausea. In 2012, Linda and her colleagues discovered the part of the brain that generates nausea. Scientists discovered that serotonin which the Linda thought to regulate mood in humans and helps trigger nausea. Parker suspected that the insular cortex helped make it happen. It’s believed to be attached to the basic functions that make human bodies work. Parker and her team had given the rodents drugs that activated serotonin-3 receptors in the insular cortex. They then compared the results to the rodents with serotonin-3 blockers instead. What then reduced the reflex is activating serotonin in the region of the insular cortex that receives signals.


Week 10!!!

I participated in the challenge 5 weeks.

I wrote 7 posts in the 10 week period.

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I enjoyed writing about celebrations because I was able to share a piece of my life with everyone. I wrote about the things we do and who we meet.

I honestly might not use this anymore maybe in the future but not at the moment.


The Color Purple.

The Color Purple is about a young uneducated, black, fourteen year old girl named Celie who is raped by her father. She then gets pregnant and gives birth to a girl then went ahead to have another child but a boy this time. Both of her children were stolen by her father Alphonso. Celie has a younger sister called Nettie who she cares about more than anything, A man named Mr____ comes to their home seeking Netties hand in marriage but Alphonso refuses and says that she needs to focus on education and not a marriage. Alphonso offers Mr____ Celie instead he calls her ugly but says she can do a lot of work around the house. Mr____ accepts the offer and takes Celie home as his new wife. Celie is in a difficult situation as she is a maid for Mr____. He beats her whenever he is unpleased with her. Mr____ has a mistress called Shug Avery who Celie is more in love with than Mr____. Shug comes to stay with them and sleeps with Mr____ at nights. She hangs out with him during the day and they go out together. Celie isn’t bothered by this though. She is just happy that Shug is staying with them because whenever she’s around Mr____ doesn’t hit her.

EID celebrations!!!!

Eid is a holiday celebrated by Muslims across the world. We have two days of Eid in a year. The first one is the day after the holy month of Ramadan is over. The second one is usually two months after the first and is known as the Eid for the annual pilgrimage to mecca. All Muslims have to do this once in their lifetime if capable of course. We spend days leading up to the special day preparing. We decorate the house with cultural designs. We spend more time with family doing this. We go shopping for our Eid clothes for the girls and guys. Even though the girls clothes are way more detailed than the boys clothes. It is an exciting time for everyone. When the day finally arrives we wake up super early around 6:30 and start to get ready. The younger children are dressed and made presentable by their older siblings while parents get everything ready. We’re out of the house and on our way to the mosque for eid prayer. We meet friends and family while at the mosque. We then go to a breakfast place such as Ihop and dine in or dunkin donuts and eat at home. We visit family and friends and the kids are usually given money by relatives. We then go out to an amusement parks such as kings island or cedar point. We end the day by ordering pizza and just hanging out with my parents and siblings.

Heroes around me!!

My parents are my heroes because, the work they have put in towards making a name for our family. They had worked different jobs in order for us to be fed daily. My mom took care of me and my siblings and made sure we looked presentable every day at school. She made sure me and my seven siblings were bathed, fed and clothed seven days of the week. My dad worked 5 days of the week and stayed home most weekends to spend time with us and make sure we were doing good in school. My siblings and I are straight A students because of their sacrifices. My siblings are currently working on receiving their degrees. My sister graduated from OSU this past school year and the look on my parents faces made me want to make them always have that feeling. Our achievements are for them and because of them. I would not be where I am if it was not for how well I was raised.  I am eternally grateful for them and will work harder for us.

Picture post!!

I chose this picture because It reminds me about a family ski trip me and my family went on a couple winters ago. We shared a cabin with my cousins and had sleepovers every night. We stayed up and watched the sunrise together. This trip is one of my favorite memories to this date.